The ACCU-LINE© Drawing System.
The ultimate design tool!  Draw floor plans, area diagrams, patterns and elevations  without a straightedge or ruler! Virtually any scale drawing requiring accurate  measurements and straight parallel or right-angle lines can be magically created in  minutes without the aid of a straightedge using the ACCU-LINE© Drawing System.


What is the ACCU-LINE Drawing System?
The ACCU-LINE Drawing System is a patented durable micro-grid surface that simply slips under a piece of drawing paper and provides a sub-surface template in which the pencil-tip drops and follows much the same way a stylus follows the groove in a record.

How does ACCU-LINE Drawing System work?

The Patented Pyramids. The patented Accu-Line drawing surface is embossed with 2,580.64 microscopic pyramids per square inch. These pyramids compel the point of your drawing instrument to travel in a straight line in the groove between them. It's comparable to a stylus tracking in the groove of a record.

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